Can a Walk-In Shower Add Home Value?

Can a Walk-In Shower Add Home Value?

Nov 04, 2020

Can a Walk-In Shower Add Home Value?

If you’re considering upgrading your bathroom with a new walk-in shower, there are many factors to think through before making a decision. Besides styling and functionality, one of the biggest things to consider in your bathroom upgrade is how much extra value it is adding to you home. After all, extra features are always nice, but turning a profit when it comes time to sell your home is crucial. If you’ve ever wondered if a walk-in shower can add home value, Quality Home Exteriors is here to help.

Return on Investment for Walk-In Showers

Bathrooms have long been a popular room to renovate, partially because they have a reputation as providing a high return on investment. While this is generally true, it’s important to remember that how much potential homebuyers are willing to pay for upgraded bathrooms is largely dependent on the housing market in your area. If your area has older homes for sale or homes with low numbers of bathrooms, an upgraded bathroom can be extremely valuable.

The good news for homeowners is that regardless of where you live, upgrading your bathroom with a walk-in shower should translate to more money when its time to sell your house. That’s because we all end up using our bathrooms every day and homebuyers can easily see the value they bring.

What You Value Matters, Too

If you’re considering a walk-in shower upgrade, it’s also important to remember that you’ll get loads of enjoyment from it before you decide to sell your home. Whether you’re interested in mobility-improving features, modern styling, or low-maintenance features, walk-in showers are a fantastic, practical upgrade.

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If you’re considering a walk-in shower to add value to your home, it’s important to select a team that you can count on to deliver a flawless installation. For that, you can turn to Quality Home Exteriors. To find out more about our walk-in shower upgrades and other shower replacements, contact us today.

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